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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I visit a dermatologist?

When it concerns your skin, you are able to monitor it better than we are, so knowing when to see a dermatologist is important. As the largest organ of your body, your skin takes on a lot. Some skin issues may be caused by genetics, injuries, or sensitivities. There are many possibilities for needing to see a dermatologist. Some reasons to see a dermatologist include, but are not limited to stubborn acne, a changing mole/patch, persistent nail issues or even stubborn skin. 

If you notice severe changes in your skin, we recommend coming into Springville Dermatology to receive a consultation.

How do I know if my skin issue is serious?

As passionate dermatologists, we care for your well-being. If you notice major shifts in your skin behavior, we recommend coming into our office. Whether you know if your skin issues are considered serious or not, it is important to get checked by a professional. What dermatology issues matter to you, matter to us.

How long is an appointment?

A consultation will help our doctors understand your skin condition, medical history, and dermatology goals. The consultation can take 15 – 30 minutes depending on questions and examination results.

What are the benefits of visiting a medical spa as well?

Located in all Utah Dermatology locations, we offer a professional medical spa. For all skin, there are various treatment products, such as Botox fillers, facials, chemical peels, and other skin care options. These treatments utilize high quality technology to make results and procedures less intrusive and lasting. Our skilled dermatologists will treat your stubborn skin, so you can enjoy a relaxing environment that will improve your appearance, mental health, and overall skin health. 

How soon can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment as soon as today! Contact your nearest Utah Dermatology & Medical Spa office to pick a day and time that works for you.